Individual intensive course of studying hypnology (4 days)

The four-day individual intensive course of studying hypnology is designed for those people who for some reason cannot take part in a long-term program. In this course, a personal coaching approach is used, which prepares the student with the maximum possible amount of personal attention of the instructor-mentor.

One or two participants take part in this program. The participation of two participants for pair training is desirable. If the participant is one, then the model is invited (for an additional charge).
Detailed content of the intensive program: two pairs of weekends. From 10:00 to 18:00. Total – 32 hours.

  • What the hypnosis is.
  • Brain and perception.
  • The history of hypnosis.
  • Tests for hypnoability.
  • Organization of the session.
  • Instructions for non-analytic sessions.
  • Instructions for analytic sessions.
  • Progressive relaxation.
  • Simple body scan.
  • Analytical body scan.
  • Active muscle relaxation.
  • Eye strain method.
  • Tests for depth of immersion.
  • Deepeners.
  • Tools for analytical thinking.
  • Creating of scripts
  • Samples of scripts (19)
  • Exit from the trance state.
  • Hypnosis. Deeper into the method.
  • Modern types of hypnosis.
  • Ideodynamics in hypnosis.
  • Getting ready and expectation factor.
  • Immersion levels
  • The depth scale of Aaron.
  • Deep Scale of Davidson-Husband.
  • The main methods of input into the trance state.
  • How to use words correctly.
  • Fast dive into alpha state.
  • Universal method of rapid impact on the emotional state.
  • Anchor words.
  • Introduction to psycholinguistics.
  • Shock induction.
  • Fast induction.
  • Traditional induction.
  • Erickson and Rossi induction.
  • Fractional method of immersion into the trance state.
  • The method of getting hands together.
  • Method of making eyes tired.
  • Method of impact on the skin.
  • The method of influence on the visual / auditory analyzer.
  • Hand grip method.
  • Mesmer method.
  • Fascination method.
  • Eyes turned under closed eyelids.
  • Attention on the tip of the nose.
  • Medvin Method.
  • Full session from “A” to “Z”. The technique.
  • Preparing for active somnambulism.
  • The state of active somnambulism.
  • Esdale condition.
  • The state of Sychort.
  • Anchoring and coding.
  • Explanation of the hypnosis method.
  • The stages of trance corresponding to the states of consciousness.
  • Introduction of the neurophysiology of hypnosis.

At the end of the program a Diploma from the International Association of Hypnologists is issued with the right to practice.

Стоимость курса – 1600 у.е.



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